Serena Beach Resort
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Serena Beach Resort

Laid out on sprawling 50 acres of prime beach property; Serena is for the young hearted with its 26 luxury tents, designed in distinct architecture sourced from all over India. Four majestic sea view pool villas, conceptualized around unique destinations around the world, have their very own private plunge pool. Our garden villas are tranquil rooms cradled in green pastures. The rooms are almost made in godly fashion keeping them eco-sensitive and reusing waste in an aesthetic way where the local craftsmen were roped in to give an ethnic touch to the spaces.


Every amenity here is vibrant and full of life, having a human reflection, pampering you to alleviate worldly stress. Kutch has its own magic and Serena is an absolute oasis in this desert. A 7000 sq. ft. deck with its infinity edge pool, a state of art fitness center with steam and sauna rooms, and a selection of recreational activities for everyone; brings you back to life. If all that activity makes you crave for nourishment, you don’t need to scout around, but relish some finely prepared cuisine from our gourmet restaurants. Then there’s the selfie street which leads to the resort; not red carpeted but adorned in recycled art, so that you definitely pause to pose.

You thought white is the colour of peace? Well at Mandvi, a part of the white Kutch desert; you’ll find things to do that are exactly the opposite. Don’t be fooled by the silence because you’ll be making all the noise. The virgin beaches will make you flirt with them; make most of them outside our beach resort. Serena is definitely where beauty and joy rules over materialism. With rustic rooms pampered with soulful luxury and local craftsmanship, your stay will register not only in your memory but in your so called fairy tale book. The locales in Mandvi are still unprofaned, giving you a whiff of ancient culture. Mandvi was once a major port of the region and summer retreat for Maharao (King) of the Kutch state.

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